Not On My Bucket List: Numbers 1-7

Creating “Bucket Lists” seems to be a trendy thing given that entire blogs have been devoted to numbering and checking things off on a wish list for life.  I’ve found the same in pictures on Pinterest boards, too.  I must admit the idea is catchy, even though I’ve never been skilled at thinking up an idea first, then following through.  I’m not that coordinated about my life’s ambitions.   “Go with the flow,” I say, “and enjoy what happens.”

In comparing my non-bucket-list life with those who’ve created one and crossed off accomplishments, I think I’m doing pretty well at draining the marrow from life.

Not On My Bucket List Accomplishments

     #1  Eating a cricket of any flavor under any terms is a non-bucket-list item of mine, but I did it anyhow with no regrets. (except for the little leg that got stuck in my teeth.  eww.)

billiamcricket2(Note the water bottle chaser.  I’m not that tough.)

#2  Making a habitat for local marine life and leftover live bait out of a child’s swimming pool is a non-bucket-list item, too, but it’s been a fun adventure thus far.

#3  Making a rusty, one of a kind, original piece of abstract art. It hangs on the old clothesline post out back by my fire pit, and is made of old metals found in scrap wood, plastics, other burned materials, and rusty tokens found in every imaginable odd place.


#4  Having a clowder of felines take over my deck.  Long story short: Rural humane societies do very little for the cat population, so when someone abandons them, or an injured animal is found, “Oh well.”  Someone’s gotta take care of the Kats…err, I mean cats in this world.  Might as well be me.  (Thank God, for the kind donor who got me involved with a TNR–trap, neuter, release–program, and provided financial sponsorship.  Don’t know what I’d have done without her help.)

#5  Camping in tents in the rain more times in the past 5 years than I care to count is definitely not on any list of mine, but has somehow been fun every time.

#6  Sharing my gratitude and non-bucket lists to clear out my head a bit, and  (hopefully) encourage others through the things I write and do.

#7  Laying on a blanket on a secluded beach after sunset, watching a spectacular shower of shooting stars.  ( I couldn’t have planned the joy of this experience if I tried.)

It doesn’t matter whether a person has a bucket list or not,

just as long as opportunities are embraced,

life is lived voraciously,

and happiness is found.


2 thoughts on “Not On My Bucket List: Numbers 1-7

  1. I love these thoughts. I love the idea of a non-bucket list. I was also deeply pondering the meaning of bucket lists in the last while. I wrote a post about the only bucket list you’d ever need, and decided to take a spiritual approach to it. I think it can be easy to make our focus all about an external list of things that are supposedly going to make us feel complete once we accomplish them. I have doubts about that though. I’m with you, going with the flow and letting the unexpected, yet amazing (and usually simple) things account for my non-bucket list items.
    Also, brave goings with the cricket!! I’ve yet to try them, maybe that will eventually be a non-bucket list item as well. We’ll see! 🙂

    • Thanks for the kinds words. While trolling through Pinterest on the topic of Bucket Lists awhile back, I saw many people posting pictures of things I doubt I could ever afford to do. Sure, I’d love to hike in the Outback of Australia, or see the Swiss Alps, etc. etc. etc., but if I’m going to focus my existence on something that will likely never happen, I will have quit seeing joy & adventure in daily life. Likewise, if circumstances in the future somehow put me at the foot of a pyramid in Egypt, I think my excitement and wonder would be multiplied ten-fold because it would be something I had never expected to do, but did.
      Trust me: There was no bravery involved with that sour cream and onion seasoned cricket. lol. My boys tried to convince me that it tasted exactly like a chip, and when I wouldn’t budge, they started teasing me. I couldn’t let them have any more fuel to tease. (They have enough already.) It had to be done.

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