This Is The Best I Can Do To Define This Outwash Plain:

I seriously never know what to write about  on the “ABOUT” page of any account I have. I’m just me—undefined and without boundaries.

I’m also unrefined for that matter.  Like an unpolished stone.

Always on a quest to learn more and grow.

I’m multidimensional

I’m a square peg who can’t seem to fit herself through a round hole, though I don’t really try.

I like glaciers.

me & a glacierHere’s a picture of me.  The rocks behind me have striations left behind from the Laurentide Ice Sheet gliding across it.  How cool is that?

I like cats, but isn’t that almost like a requirement for anybody on the internet?

baby tommyThis is Tomcat when he was a wee baby.  Smudge, his mother, dumped him on my porch a couple of years ago with gunky, infected eyes.

giz n tomHe’s all grown up and better now.  (That’s his sister, Gizzy.)

I have kids.  Four of them.  I’m grateful for the unique greatness of each.

I’m also a girl who was never meant to live in the city.  I was born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  I’m much happier with cows & cornfields for neighbors, and traffic jams caused by tractors and Amish buggies.

I know this is an overly simplistic description of

who I am and what I’m all about, but it is the

best I have to offer.

I’m just me.


5 thoughts on “This Is The Best I Can Do To Define This Outwash Plain:

    • Aww. That’s sweet. Thanks. I like to think of myself as being simplistic in my complexity; like a living specimen of what an oxymoron actually looks like, (and occasionally just a moron who amuses herself quite easily).
      Isn’t it funny how the more you are educated and seek to learn, you are led back to (another oxymoron) the reality that less is truly more? I’m forever in awe of this truth.

  1. I think just being yourself is a high calling in this country wracked with phoniness . . . so congratulations. . . . Looks like we are neighbors . . . damn gnats drove me crazy this year too!

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